Ways To Make Moving While Expecting Easier On Moms-To-Be

Easier moving can start with thorough preparation. Not only are expecting moms required to handle the chores of prepping the new place on top of packing the old, but they must always be thinking of what’s OK for the baby. One of the first things to do to help is to consult the doctor. Recommendations on avoiding heavy lifting may already be at the forefront of your mind, but medical experts could offer further advice. This also presents an opportunity to gather necessary medical information and documents to have for a new doctor once the move is complete.

Next, avoid messy packing through the creation of a moving list. By carefully sorting, boxing and labeling possessions ahead of the move, you can potentially reduce stress on moving day. Consider planning the rooms and furniture placement beforehand. This surplus work on top of swollen ankles and fatigue may seem like a lot, but it’s better to do the extra work while you have the energy. Streamlining the moving process through generous preparation like this is a great idea, pregnant or not.

It’s important to listen to your body and stay positive throughout the experience. While stress can’t be completely removed, these suggestions and more like them can help the move be less stressful. For further tips and a handy timeline on moving while pregnant, please see the accompanying resource.

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