Is Calgary a Dog-Friendly City?

Are you considering a move to Calgary and wondering if it is a dog-friendly city? Calgary is one of the best places to live in Alberta, with a healthy job market, excellent public transportation, family friendly amenities, and plenty to do all year round. In addition to all these well known reasons to love living in Calgary, it's a dog-friendly place to settle down.Is Calgary a Dog-Friendly City

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If you are looking for something fun to do in Calgary where your pup can join you, consider one of these ideas.

Dog-Friendly Parks in Calgary

If you have ever visited Calgary, you likely already noticed just how many beautiful, spacious parks and green spaces there are in the city. Many of these parks are dog-friendly, featuring space for your pup to roam off leash or explore on-leash through hiking trails and walking paths.

Nose Hill Park in Calgary features one of the largest off leash areas in all of North America, just minutes from the heart of the city. There are many residential communities in Northwest Calgary that will offer immediate access to the park, perfect for dog owners who plan to spend lots of time exploring the area.

The largest fenced in off leash area in Calgary is located in Sue Higgins Park along the banks of the Bow River. Located in Southeast Calgary, there are also many neighbourhoods with diverse housing options that will provide quick access to this popular park.

If you are looking for somewhere both the kids and the dog will love, head over to Rotary Park. The park is dog friendly and also features a fun playground and splash pad.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Calgary

Especially during the warmer months, there are plenty of places you can enjoy a meal out with your dog by your side. You will find many dog-friendly patios among Calgary restaurants, as well as a few restaurants that will even welcome your pup inside.

Some of our favorite dog-friendly patios in Calgary include:

Dog-Friendly Places to Shop in Calgary

Calgary is such a dog-friendly city, you will even find places to shop with your pup. At the 17th Avenue Retail District, leashed dogs are welcome in the outdoor retail space and common areas, and many stores welcome leashed pets inside, too.

Explore the artwork at Latitude Art Gallery with your leashed dog by your side, or enjoy bringing your leashed dog with you to many of Calgary's locations of chain stores like Marshall's, Cabela's, HomeSense, and Winner's.

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