Calgary's Best Lake Communities

Lake Communities in Calgary
Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Calgary lie several picturesque lake communities that offer a unique blend of urban living and natural beauty. These beautiful neighbourhoods are centered around pristine lakes and provide residents with an unparalleled lifestyle characterized by tranquility, outdoor recreation, and a strong sense of community.

If you are looking for lake homes for sale in Calgary, we can help. Contact us any time to get started, and keep reading to learn more about some of the best lake communities in Calgary and what makes them so exceptional.

Auburn Bay

Auburn Bay is located in Southeast Calgary and boasts a stunning 43-acre freshwater lake, the centerpiece of this master-planned community. The lake, with its sandy shores and clear waters, creates a serene backdrop for residents to enjoy throughout the year.

The lake is not just for aesthetics but serves as a hub for year-round recreational activities. Residents can partake in swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, and even ice skating during the winter months.

Auburn Bay emphasizes community engagement with a variety of events throughout the year, from summer beach parties to winter festivities. These events foster a sense of belonging and make Auburn Bay more than just a neighbourhood; it's a vibrant community.


Also in Southeast Calgary is Mahogany, a community that boasts the title of Calgary's largest lake community. The neighbourhood features a 63-acre lake and a 21-acre beachfront. The expansive lake provides residents with ample space for water activities and scenic views.

The Mahogany Beach Club is a central gathering point that offers residents access to a private beach, a splash park for children, and various water sports facilities. It's a place where families can unwind and create lasting memories.

Beyond the natural allure of the lake, Mahogany is well-connected with urban amenities. Residents have easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options, striking an ideal balance between suburban tranquility and city conveniences.

Lake Bonavista

Lake Bonavista holds the distinction of being Calgary's first lake community, established in the 1960s. Over the decades, it has maintained its allure and remains a sought-after address.

One of the unique features of Lake Bonavista is its mature trees and well-established landscaping, thanks to its long history as part of Calgary. The community exudes a timeless charm, with tree-lined streets and lush greenery providing a tranquil backdrop for residents.

Residents of Lake Bonavista enjoy year-round recreation with access to the lake for boating and fishing. Community events, including picnics and festivals, foster a strong sense of camaraderie among neighbors.


Chaparral offers residents the beauty of Chaparral Lake, a 32-acre lake surrounded by parks and green spaces. The lake provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and lakeside strolls, creating a peaceful retreat within the city.

The community is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with parks, playgrounds, and schools catering to residents of all ages. The lake becomes a natural extension of this family-oriented environment.

Chaparral's location in South Calgary provides residents with convenient access to major roadways, making it easy to navigate the city. The community's design emphasizes accessibility, allowing residents to enjoy both urban and natural amenities.

Coral Springs

Coral Springs offers a unique lakeside experience in Northeast Calgary with its man-made lake, making it stand out among Calgary's communities. The lake serves as a focal point, enhancing the visual appeal of the neighborhood.

Residents of Coral Springs enjoy private beach access, creating a tranquil escape within the community. The beach area is ideal for picnics, family outings, and quiet moments of relaxation by the water.

Coral Springs features cultural and recreational facilities, including a community center and a sportsplex. These amenities make it a popular choice for families with kids in the home, as it is a fun and vibrant place to stay active and connected to the community.

Calgary's lake communities offer an ideal lifestyle, beautiful atmosphere, and strong property values because of their high desirability. We can help you find the one that is the best fit for your unique needs. Ready to find your home for sale in Calgary? Contact us any time.

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